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jasonjacob 05-03-2019 01:57 AM

Advice needed: First bike + insurance + ???
Hey all. I've been wanting a bike for years now and think I'm finally going to pull the trigger at the end of the year when my finances are better. I still need to get my Class M so may do that this summer.

I've always wanted to join the Harley club as I love the amount of respect & road/biker etiquette you all have for each other. I have a few questions if you don't mind

What would be the best bike to start off with? Nothing too too expensive but with a decent amount of speed. Heard good things about the Iron 883? I don't know anything about it (pardon the ignorance).

2) On average, how much is insurance for a bike? I guess that's been my biggest hold off as I've always assumed it cost as much as a regular car

3) What are the most common biker etiquettes? I see bikers do a quick hand wave when passing by each other. One time someone on a bike was in an accident and there was a large group of bikers on the side of the road out of respect. Just those types of things I'd like to learn more about so I don't look like an idiot on the road

eHD 05-03-2019 07:04 PM

I have a buddy with a 883 and he has nothing but good things to say about it. He comes from a CBR600.

A lot factors into the insurance rate you get. He pays about $375 a year with State Farm but fits the demographic for a cheaper rate (older, far out from the city, etc.)

You can learn a lot of etiquettes from riders that vlog on youtube. Articles help but I put more value in someone putting themselves out there

Lots of those guys can be found.

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