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2020 bike has just over 5000 miles. Rode it on a 60 mile trip yesterday. Rode it pretty hard in spurts up to 115 mph, draining the battery pretty much to about16%. Put it on the home charger over night. Turned it on this morning and nothing. Charged the 12 volt battery. it showed close to 80%. Changed battery in the fob. (desperation move.) Still nothing. Pulled tank cover and found blown 10amp system fuse. changed it and it blew immediately. tried changing with switch on or off. same result. Called Harley,Albuquerque and tried to get some advice from service tech. Kept waiting till hung up in frustration. Afraid that in Harley's haste to distance themselves from their first electric bike they've thrown away the tech manuals. Wonder if the new Livewire company could help. Any similar problem out there?
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