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737 lb-ft of torque, 350km range, 35 minute fast charging, 200kph top speed

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Oh yeah and only 100 being made and they cost $87,000 USD ($117,500 CND).

Mika Hakkinen, former F1 World Champion signature bike. Looks pretty awesome actually.0-60 is only 3.5 seconds though :p Link below to the article.

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Motorcycle

Link here to article on bike.
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I watched the videos on this special version of the Verge with some excitement, at first. The wheel/motor is cool, but the rest of the bike seems 'meh'- even the foot pegs [sport or cruiser] look like an afterthought in styling... like they were taken from a BMX freestyle bike and thrown onto the frame. I willingly admit I am biased by ownership of the ELW- guilty as charged. However, there are few EV Motos that have balanced styling/looks, technology and performance.
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I am curious if the hub motor problem will be truly resolved. It seems the way forward but the life cycle is totally unknown for 100K miles of street riding at speed. Aptera is betting on it too. It does seem like a great setup if the suspension can be made to work well and the thing won't fall apart. I guess the NIU scooters might be the most likely to have examples with high miles.
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