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A couple of questions

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Hi, I've been loving my LiveWire for a few months now, it's awesome. I have a couple of questions that my dealer can't seem to answer.

Firstly, is the H-D Connect service available outside the US? I'm in Australia, I have the app and my phone is paired with bluetooth, everything works except I can't track the bike or get any of the range/usage info. The app states that the service needs activating on the bike. I've followed the instructions but it never works. Has anyone got it to work outside the US?
Second question, is it possible to have my choice of widgets come up automatically on the dash screen whenever I turn the bike on? I always have to use the right control stick to choose them, it annoys me a bit.

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Regarding question 2 - I dont think there is a way to do that. This is quite annoying.
Hi Steve

Had my LiveWire since release date, tried to activate the app many times.
Just doesn't work here unfortunately.
I don't think you can have the widgets come on automatically either.

H-D Connect is not working / available in NZ. I don't mind as I prefer not to ride with a phone on. Distracting.

I understand H-D Connect will not be keeping going in the US either
Link to a YouTube video
Link to a trike forum Harley cancels HD CONNECT service
appears from the trike forum post that Connect still going for LiveWire in the US only...
these links are dated :)

I have not found a way yet to display my choices of widget without setting it up at the start of each ride, just as you describe.

Good luck!
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