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As you can tell from the title, Rider Magazine loves the Livewire.

I don't know if its just them trying to stay on good terms with Harley but its convincing enough for me.

Read on:

2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire | First Ride Review

Imagine telling the average Harley-Davidson or American V-twin enthusiast a few years ago that not only would the Motor Company produce and sell a naked sportbike in 2020—certainly not an outrageous concept—but that it would be an all-electric one.

That last bit would have not only raised an eyebrow or two among the faithful, it would have likely burned a few clean off their respective foreheads simply from the heated blowback of the responses. Just about any Motor Company fan will tell you: Harley-Davidsons and electric-power EVs just weren’t meant to be talked about in the same sentence.

But as we all know, that’s exactly what’s happened. Harley-Davidson has not only built a naked sportbike that’s sleek, futuristic and sexy, with wide wheels, sticky tires, sporty suspension and a lean-forward riding position, but one that’s electrically powered, with not a molecule of internal combustion waste emanating from its non-existent exhaust system.

It’s a simple truth: Harley-Davidson can’t continue to exist solely by selling Big Twins to aging baby boomers who, in a decade or so, will be mostly out of motorcycling. Like the rest of the motorcycle industry, Harley needs new blood and new markets, and feels very strongly that a line of electric two-wheelers led by the high-end and high-price ($29,795) LiveWire is a prime way to reach them and teach them.

full review on:
I feel like if the LiveWire wasn't a good bike, writers wouldn't hold back on letting HD know about it. I'm seeing a lot of positive reviews from multiple places and it's very promising to see.
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