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Hi folks,

After my HD LW 2020 12V battery died, it did not connect to Bluetooth as usual when I turned it back on. I then deleted the Bluetooth connection on my phone and on my HD LW. I noticed that the HD LW had changed its Bluetooth name from HD-A7M8 to HD-2CD3... I had never seen anything like that before. I started looking for a solution to get my Bluetooth connection back, but my iPhone SE does not show the new HD-2CD3 in Bluetooth. So I cannot even try to connect. I was very interested in your solution and tried it. Unfortunately, the LightBlue app now shows the HD-2CD3. Only several unknowns (next to my Apple Watch etc) and one of the unknowns seems to be the HD LW. Sometimes I can connect to it, but it never asks me to connect to Bluetooth on my iPhone, and even when it does connect to an unknown device, it loses contact after a few seconds. Maybe I should reset the HD LW to fix the problem... my question is:
Did you have the iOS HD Connect app installed? Was Bluetooth enabled for this app? What software was your phone running? My HD LW is on 2.02...

thanks for Your help!
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