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Just found this thread...

A simple initial question... Is something off with the battery range? Harley says they have a 15.5kWh (13.6kWh) battery and get 70 miles at 70 mph. However, Energica gets 70 miles at 70 mph with a 13.4kWh (11.7kWh) battery and Zero gets 82 miles at 70 mph with a 14.4kWh (12.6kWh) battery. If you do the math, the Zero is basically saying they get the same as the Energica (70 at 70 if they had a 13kWh battery). So both competitors seem to have similar battery-to-range efficiencies.

So that means that the Harley is roughly loosing 15% somewhere from battery to the ground. Is there any explanation as to the performance loss of the Harley Livewire drivetrain compared to Zero and Energica? I.E. If the Harley Livewire performed with the same efficiency as the competition, it should be getting closer to 90-95 miles at 70 mph.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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