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Seeking guidance and installation tips for fog/aux lighting installation for the LW. I saw there were lights installed on the custom LW bikes used for "The Long Way Up" but there is little or no info on this for the LW. HD Aux lighting kit does not include the LW either. Thanks in advance.
I need to find my post about extra elements, but it will need to be setup with a jumper from the RESS.
I've been advised not to setup anything on the 12v due to its base use situation (not to mention all the challenges some have simply had with the trickle charge from the RESS to the 12v.)
My aux leds (HD's spectra glo) and heated gear plug run off the RESS, with this "jumper".

I'll search for what I posted and get back.

This is the setup the HDMC engineer's provided for installing extra components NOT on the 12v.
2. Install a Switched Circuit Adapter Harness PN 70264-94A, The part needed to make the Y adapter is: electrical-connection-update-kit.

*It is important to add these to switch power on Livewire and not directly to the 12V battery.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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