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Hellow Forum.
I've been an owner of an HD Livewire since December 2020. I have 9251 miles on it as of 11/16/2021. I Love riding it so much I got rid of my car and now I use my Livewire as my everyday vehicle. But 2 issues have arose with such use, One of which is the topic of this post.

Belt Squeal
Loud, eardrum piercing, ugly and embarrassing belt Squeal.

I read that the proper way to get rid of the Squealing was to thoroughly clean the belt and tensioner.

I've done that.

Still makes nasty shreaking noises. Worse/louder when accelerating, usually disappears when decelerating.

Which leads me to believe the tensioner is bad or not adjusted correctly. Do I have a defective tensioner? Because it sure sounds like it's dead or dying.

So, Why do I have belt Squeal?
I rode a Harley Nightster (Lowrider Sportster) for 5 years straight through 100+ degree temputures, hurricane winds, snow and sleet and NEVER ONCE experienced belt Squeal.


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I have the same thing. can't seem to get rid of it even with a new belt. and after nearly 20k.

the only thing that's helped is a little silicone lube on the outside rim of the belt all the way around.

it only holds in dry weather.
wet weather will wash it off the first ride and you'll have to reapply it.

I get about a thousand miles before I have to reapply it if it remains a dry ride.
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