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Just went out to ride my Livewire and it is completely dead. The bike was last operated about two months ago, and parked in garage. It is now totally dead, when I hook it up to my 50AMP 240V charger it does nothing. Anyone else experience this? Ideas?
Unfortunately I know the problem all too well. Last week I sent a letter to the CEO of H-D with the info below. You can find more details by searching for my previous posts. And the LiveWire that the dealer took back? Well, they were going to replace the On Board Charger but H-D would not approve. Battery died again on the sales floor and the dealer is still trying to get permission from H-D to replace the OBC.

My LiveWire timeline

Purchased 10 Oct 2020


10 Oct 2020 - Wait - Not Ready came on as I tried to leave upon completing the initial purchase. 12 volt battery was swapped out with another.

11 Oct 2020 - rode 80 miles, came home, Wait - Not Ready message back. Charged the bike overnight. 12 volt battery completely dead next morning. Firmware update applied which seemed to fix the problem.

7 Aug 2021 - About 3200 miles on the bike. Rode 50 miles to Harley-Davidson of Frederick, Maryland to charge. Wait - Not Ready came on. Could not charge. Had to leave the bike and have someone come pick me up.

25 Aug 2021 - Bike returned to dealer. No issues found.

29 Aug 2021 - I put over 100 miles on the bike over the course of a few days. I plugged it in once at home for a few hours and then charged it overnight. Turned on, all good, 133 miles of range (highest I've ever seen), turned it off, came back 15 minutes later - back to Wait - Not Ready. 12 volt battery replaced again. No other issues found.

9 Sep 2021 - Put 50 miles on it. Plugged it in at home to charge. Came out to ride. Dead again with the same Wait - Not Ready message.

18 Sep 2021 - Patriot Harley-Davidson swaps my bike for another on the floor.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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