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When I started wondering about the risk of plugging into the small battery I started wondering about where the online updates and security system are plugged in the the bike. If they only run off the small battery then I could see the risk of not turning the bike on or charging for longer periods of time. If the sequence to turn on the main power pack requires the little one and things run off the little one I can see there being an issue. My guess is when you plug the bike in to charge it has the main system on and hence charges the little one. As well as when you turn the bike to run mode. This would make me start to wonder if a battery tender could be important for the winter if you don't plug the bike in or turn it on regularly. I wish they explained how things worked in these systems a bit more. Or regular bikes it is fine because people know and it is a well understood system. Here it really should be spelled out. Secondary battery charges at these times..... Is it really so hard? The controller should totally light up the main power cell and charge the small batter if it dips below 25%. If the little battery dies do you then have to charge it/replace it to even bring the main cell online? Maybe these questions are dumb but I feel like I don't know how the stupid thing works. Anyone have a good understanding of these dynamics? Maybe I should put that battery tender pigtail back on the bike when I install the new usb port.
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