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Check battery status

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Hi, I tried searching how to check battery status/health on Livewire, but could not find topic about this. A HD dealer in Oslo have «new» 2020 HD Livewire for sale. They also have a demo bike, oh man I really loved that ride. I can’t buy a new 2023 Livewire One here as it is only for sale in US at the moment. So 2020 HD livewire is sold as new with full warranty. But.. I asked how it had been stored. The seller was not sure so he had to check and come back to me. Next day he told me the 12v is disconnected and the RESS charged to 100% when stored. I pointed to him that is not opmtimal for long term storage of battery. But he just told me what he have been told fra HD Europe that stored the bikes before dealer got them. The correct way is to store below 70% charge if stored more than 30 days. Is there a way to check battery status? 3rd party software or something? Is it something to worry about? Warranty dont yield before status is below 80% health.
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I'm also curious if there is a way for us to check this ourselves. I would think a dealer would be able to check that with the diagnostics port. I was thinking about this very thing just last week after watching a youtube video on a 5 year old Hyundai Ionic with 60,000 miles on it. The guy claims he charged it to 100% each night and drove it hard. He then connects an OBD2 connector and shows the battery's health. 100% health! Zero Degradation. I just bought a used 2020 HD ELW in December and I would love to be able to check the SOH of mine. I wonder if there is some 3rd party software and a cable available for HD's. I know this sort of thing exists for some other vehicles like Ford's for example.
Hmmm maybe one of these with a Bluetooth OBD2 and a program like Torque Pro would work? Anyone have experience with one of these? Exctool Motorcycle Diag to OBD2
that's so frustrating... 'cause it's right in the owners manual as well as the service manuals, store between 30-70%.
Yep! Mine sat at a Ducati dealer for months and you can be sure they didn't care for the battery properly.
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