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Custum seat day

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Down at mr Ed's in Albany Oregon for a ride in custom.... Pictures forth coming.
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Down at mr Ed's in Albany Oregon for a ride in custom.... Pictures forth coming.
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So he shaped it out. Then layered memory foam. Lose a bit of the back edge to push on but much softer and probably cm or so thicker. Half day $300 out the door.
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So the general verdict this made things way better. The extra softness seems to also add grab. So not so much force to prevent sliding forward. There was some concern that the lift would remove the acceleration support. It is slightly less grabby but there is plenty for my riding style. Then next phase would be to just change the passenger seat for something more useful. Like some sort of storage. Could just go with the hard case I guess. I just don't think I have any interest in two up riding. Specifically on this bike. When Honda makes and electric gold wing maybe. Didn't solve the height issue. That seems like a foot peg thing some day.
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