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Stopped by Harley-Davidson of Baltimore yesterday to look around and asked if their LW charger was working expecting to hear that it was dead like so many others. Surprise! Not only is it working but they are now a LW dealer. That makes 3 in the DMV area I was told by the LW team at a demo event at Fairfax LW (Patriot HD) that Virginia Beach is next. I hung out at the demo event for a few hours. Good turnout with a mix of Harley riders and folks with no intention of ever owning an HD that had no idea of the connection between the two but everyone was all smiles after their demo rides. The LW team seemed happy to have a LW owner around to talk to the demo riders. Enjoyed meeting the LW team of Greg and Ryan who support the east coast markets. They loved hearing about Bikes and Breakfast and I expect we will see some LW dealerships start to show up at these events.
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