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EVSE 120 AND 240?

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I'm having doubts.... the documentation on the EVSE says the input is only 120V, but the tag on the cable of the EVSE says input 120/240 with 12/16 amps...
I tripped all 15amps breaker in the location I am in so I am hooked with an extension on the microwave outlet which is 20Amps.

now... if the EVSE can really be plugged in a 220amps, that would mean I could hook into the exterior 220outlet for EV chargers. but is it? which to I believe? the book or the Label on the EVSE cable?

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What region? Pretty much all CCS is working in my area, sans the occasional single stall that’s down
PNW. Barely 50% here.
Looks like this company in Calgary sells basically the same thing. Looks the same to me other than the name. I have an email out to them to get a quote for one. They have a 1-800 number on their website, I may just give them a call if I don't hear back from them.
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Yep, I have on on the way. It is supposed to work out of the box with no issues.
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I got an email back from Mila this morning. I specifically asked "Would any modifications need to be made to the device to have it charge the Harley Davidson? There is a discussion going on the Livewire Forums about your product and it was suggested that they need to be modified to work with the Harley Livewire."

Reply from Mila:
Hello Travis ,

No need to do any modify .
Actually we sold our 10KW portable charger to Harley company directly from 2018.
They sold Harley Davidson to all around the world , they sold to Europe will use CCS combo 2
They sold to Japan will use CHAdeMO .
In North America will use CCS combo 1 .

You just need to confirm what plug you need for your Harley Davidson ? CCS1 ? CCS2 ? CHAdeMO ?
Then we will provide suitable charger to you

Best Regards,
Also just FYI I have seen these on Aliexpress as well if that is a place you shop and are looking for one. Still waiting to hear back from the company in Calgary that sells what looks like the same item.
If you want to use a credit card, and go through Setec directly, they will run the transaction through Alibaba. Otherwise you need to wire them the money. I went with the Alibaba option and so far Setec has been good to deal with. Once I get my charger I'll post my impressions.
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Do you have tracking on this package? I'm eager to find out how it works for you.
It should be here sometime next week. I was out to town for a while and didn’t want it to arrive while I was gone and possibly be returned.
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