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Hellow Forum.

I've been an owner of an HD Livewire since December 2020. I have 9251 miles on it as of 11/16/2021. I Love riding it so much I got rid of my car and now I use my Livewire as my everyday vehicle. But 2 issues have arose with such use, One of which is the topic of this post.

Belt Squeal
Loud, eardrum piercing, ugly and embarrassing belt Squeal.

I read that the proper way to get rid of the Squealing was to thoroughly clean the belt and tensioner.

I've done that.

Still makes nasty shreaking noises. Worse/louder when accelerating, usually disappears when decelerating.

Which leads me to believe the tensioner is bad or not adjusted correctly. Do I have a defective tensioner? Because it sure sounds like it's dead or dying.

So, Why do I have belt Squeal?
I rode a Harley Nightster (Lowrider Sportster) for 5 years straight through 100+ degree temputures, hurricane winds, snow and sleet and NEVER ONCE experienced belt Squeal.

Hear it for yourself
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