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Well folks:

My Harley Davidson Livewire is soon coming up on the end of the HD factory warranty.
It ends on 05 May 2023 but the original 5 year RESS warranty still has 3 years remaining.

No one I have contacted so far (dealers as well as HD Canada and HD USA) have answered my question about what are the exact items covered under the RESS warranty.

History of the bike:

I purchased this bike late in the fall of 2022. The bike was located in British Columbia being sold by a dealership. The bike was owned by a collector that traded it in. He bought the bike brand new. When I purchased the bike it had 64 km on it. I had it shipped to a HD dealership near me in Toronto Ontario. I rode the bike a few times before having to put it away for the winter. It now has 341 km on it (still like new)

So I have to make a decision about getting an extended warranty on the bike.

This is the email I received from the HD dealership where I purchased the bike giving me extended warranty options. They refer to this as the ESP (Extended service plan)

Hi Bill:

First things first. The RESS system IS covered under ESP for as long as you purchase the coverage for so no worries on that.

The in service date for your bike is May 5th, 2021 so the extended warranty goes back to the start date.

Ie. If you were to purchase 7 years (no tire and rim Braeden said, just the bike) it would cover you til May 5th 2028 and it’s $4,418.70 + gst.

6 years (coverage til may 5th, 2027) it would be $3,781.70
5 years ( coverage til May 5th, 2026) it would be $2,507.70
4 years (coverage til May 5th, 2025) it would be $2,013.70 all plus gst.

The coverage:

A. COVERED PARTS: Coverage under this ESP includes only the parts of the components listed below and originally covered under the Harley-Davidson® Factory Warranty: 1. Engine 2. Transmission 3. Primary Drive 4. Suspension 5. Steering Assembly 6. Brake System 7. Fuel System 8. Cooling System 9. Seals and Gaskets 10. LED Lights 11. Electrical/Electronic (EV) System 12. Instruments and Gauges 13. Maxwell 14. Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) 15. Infotainment and Audio Entertainment System*: Receiver, navigation system, audio jacks, MP3 player. 16. Alarm System 17. Fairing Hardware*: Mounting hardware, brackets, switches, covers, latches and hinges. 18. Saddlebag/Travel Trunks*: Bags, travel trunks, latches, hinges, mounting hardware. 19. Sidecar Hardware*: Mounting hardware, hub.

So my questions to the forum are:

1. Have you had any major issues with your HD Livewire or Livewire One that would be HUGE money if not covered under the warranty or ESP.

2. Did you purchase the ESP for your bike and if so may I ask why you did so.

3. Are these prices that I have been given in line with the prices you have paid for ESP.

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions on this matter.


Bill Kemp
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