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I have been meaning to start a discussion about gear noise, so I’m glad someone has. There are two different noises, one has always been there it sounds like rocks rattling around in an old steel lunch pail, when riding very slowly on rough ground, this is the ring gear rocking back and forth on the pinion gear (I have audio and video of the gears after the gear box has been drained and flushed with kerosene, if you rock the rear wheel back and forth that is the sound for sure) As far as I can tell all LWs do this under the above mentioned conditions (I went to a Livewire demo day to specifically see it other LWs made the same noise, and they do (thank you H-D engineers). Around 6,000mi my LW started making a loud whining / howling gear noise (it could possibly be a bearing or the drive belt, but it doesn’t seem to be) when under light loads accelerating or decelerating, it happens anywhere between about 12-35 mph, but usually at around 17 mph, especially when the motor is neither producing power to drive the rear wheel or the rear wheel is driving the motor for regeneration. At 6,495mi I drained and flushed the gear box again (first oil change at 1,027mi). The backlash seemed to be about 0.0045” (allowable is 0.003”-0.0054”) and this time I refilled it with: AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR LUBE 100% Synthetic Gear Lube SAE 75W-90. The AMSOIL is a slightly heavier viscosity, but the howling is still there. At the 1000mi gear oil change the backlash was around 0.0035” (these backlash #s are not definite, because I haven’t come up with a good way to lock the pinion gear, and H-D won’t sell civilians the backlash measuring kit). At 7,058mi I pulled the ring gear out and shimmed it closer to the pinion for less backlash. Now when at moderate to heavy loads the gears seem to be quieter but when the load is in limbo the whining / howling is obnoxious. It sounds like we are experiencing about the same noises but under somewhat different conditions. So I’m wondering if someone has had the same problem, and if so have, did you come up with a fix?
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