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(*...since my demo ride of the '19 version).

Wow. Still grinning hours later.

Remember the first time you gunned a motorsickle and rode off down the highway? Maybe half a century or more ago? Yessir, that feeling's back on the LiveWire. After a careful briefing by the helpful tech reps and with the right MOTGATT, off down the road I went, yeah verily cackling wildly with delightful, well, delight (w/visor down so's not to scare the kids'n'horses...).

I know all y'all that have a LW already know all this, but I'm gonna say it anyway :)

Awesome acceleration.
Terrific cornering.
Outstanding handling.

Braking - whether by Brembos or regeneration - is excellent.
Acceleration is fast, and awesome.
Beautifully balanced.
Leans well into corners.
Like the 'pulse' at 'idle'.
Nicely setup info screen.
She's quiet!
Great finish.

Oh, and did I say the acceleration is awesome? Last time I got that fastwhack was hitting the NOS on the Boss Hoss on an airport runway and even then, it took a little time to spool up. The LiveWire - "Lady Lightning" as she is to be known from now on - just moves.

Yeah, price, I know, I sold 2 bikes to buy this.
Yeah, range, well, whatever, I'll charge it.
Yeah, weight, noticed it not a bit.
Yeah, worth it.
Hell yeah.

That is all. For now :giggle:(y)(y)(y)
Congratulations! Enjoy the ride. Be safe!
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