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The Fork Oil Seals are listed, but the Dust Seals are not shown in the parts diagram, nor are the Dust Seals listed with the other Fork Parts Numbers in the:

I have not installed the dust seals or oil seals from Race Tech. (So do your due diligence)
But I have pulled the dust seals down from their homes in the outer tubes and the dimensions are the same.
I have also compared the oil seals to the seals I received from H-D and they have the same dimensions.
I’m sure there are other sources for these seals. And this is just a guess, but I believe these seals are equal to if not better quality than the OEM seals. I would avoid off brand seals.

Race Tech Part #: FSDS 43 P (pair) $34.99
The brand and #s on the Dust Seal:
NOK, BR4730E
(This NOK dust seal has one spring around the external circumference / The OEM dust seals are NOK brand, but they do not have a spring)

Race Tech Part #: FSOS 43C P (pair) $21.98
The brand and #s on the seal:
NOK, 0000000000, 2, (3), BR1922G, 0000000000, 43-L0
(This NOK oil seal has one spring around the internal circumstance / The OEM oil seal is branded “ARS” and has two springs, one spring on the internal circumference and one spring on the external circumference)

For what it’s worth, I talked to a tech (Louie) at Race Tech, he said they like the NOK with a single spring over the ARS with two springs.

The oil seals I have received from H-D for the Showa forks the Buell’s came with are NOK brand, but do not have springs. There are no springs visible.

The local H-D parts guy could not find the Dust Seals. And he was not interested in inquiring / informing H-D about the non existent Dust Seals.
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