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Furious about bluetooth.

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I have been ignoring it for a bit but I am going on a multi day hop this weekend. So I went down to the garage to figure out what was up. The bluetooth controls only work when the LW app is open. This was never the case. You don't have to be in navigation though that will start them working if for some reason this has failed. Now the interactive volume, track and play pause work. So I think they are requiring us to run their little spyware app to to get the bike to act as bluetooth controls. So incredibly dumb.

Anyone have a good place to send complaints about the app besides the market place? I don't need Light Blue Punch through any more. But bluetooth only connects with the app on.

So super lame.
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Same here. After months and months of working fine, Bluetooth is acting up again. I've re-paired twice, the second time needing to use LightBlue Punch to get it pairing. Unfortunately, the bike loses the connection again after a few minutes of riding.

2020 HD LiveWire running 02.02.00, iPhone 12 Pro Max running 16.4.1

I will try keeping the HD app open next ride to see if that makes a difference
So on latest Android pixel if you open the livewire app then start to track it create a ride it will connect. You don't actually have to complete that step but you have to leave the be so open for it to stay up. Also found the so got into a cyst lol but deleting the cache fixed it.
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I got an update from the iPhone mobile app team:

I wrote:

Yup - the problem persists. Opening the HD app doesn't help establish the Bluetooth connection. I need to use a third party app, LightBlue Punch, to connect to the motorcycle and then Bluetooth works. I have deleted and re-paired the motorcycle multiple times and the problem persists.
This was working fine a few months ago
Maybe the ELW needs a firmware update too like the LiveWire 1 recently got? Is one in the works? I am running the latest firmware to my knowledge on my 2020 HD LiveWire: version 02.02.00
and they replied:

Thank you for the continued feedback! Our apologizes again for the continuous concern with connecting your Bluetooth with our app. Our backend team is aware of this concern and hopefully there is a permanent fix soon! In the meantime I'm happy there is a work around, but if there is any more information you would like to report, please reply to this email so we can get it to our team.
Thank you again, and our apologizes for the inconvenience,
Mobile App Support Team
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
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