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Alta Motors claims their battery pack is the most energy dense pack in the automotive and motorsport industry. Fitting 5.8 kWh into 30.8 kilos with a maximum of 350V, the battery pack is already employed in their own dirt-bikes and Harley-Davidson may be able to make use of it in the production version of their LiveWire prototype.

With slumping sales in America, Harley-Davidson is trying to connect with the younger crowd by producing an electric motorcycle. Let’s face it, young buyers aren’t all that interested in paying a premium for something that looks similar to what their fathers rode. That’s where innovation and new partnerships come in.

Having made an equity investment in Alta Motors, Harley-Davidson should gain access to the California-based company’s electric motorcycle technology. The small company’s batteries are not only energy dense but they are digitally self-monitoring and able to handle impacts and vibrations up to 20G. Meaning the motorcycle won’t be a write off if you accidentally lay it down around a bend. What’s more, Alta produces their own battery packs and thermal management systems in house.

In the Alta Redshift Supermoto, one charge can last around 60 miles of city commuting. We may see similar numbers in the upcoming Harley-Davidson Livewire.
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