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Harley-Davidson Reveals Project Livewire in new Promo Video

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Harley Davidson has posted this new video that shows off the Project Livewire motorcycle and also relates it to the broader Harley-Davidson brand image.

The video shows the Livewire driving down the famous Route 66, a hallmark of Americana. Images of Harley-Davidson's history are intermingled with shots of music festivals and veterans. It's all about relating the Livewire to the American spirit.

Harley-Davidson dubs the Livewire the "next generation in bike technology." This connects to the American spirit of ingenuity. And it also relates the Livewire to every other Harley-Davidson from years past. I think that this is the main point of the video. The Livewire can seem outside of the norm for Harley Davidson so their main point is to integrate the Livewire into the broader Harley-Davidson (American) story.

Another important part of the video is hearing the Livewire zoom by the camera multiple times. It shows that the Livewire may not sound like a burly traditional Harley, but it still has a presence. I think it sounds pretty close to a jet engine whizzing by.

Finally the promo video says that "you" helped to bring the Livewire to life. And that about sums up the video: it's about relating the traditional Harley buyer, the traditional American to the next generation of motorcycle technology.

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