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If competition breeds innovation, how does the announcement of Victory's (currently vapourware) e-bike the Charger affect Harley Davidson?

For one, I went for a look at the Livewire while it was in town for its only Canadian stop at the Jumpstart Demo in Toronto. The line was obscene so I didn't get to try it on the dyno, but they had a second one there just for looking, which I did. Thoughts, well the Livewire is already a polished and solid bike, it had to be if Harley was legitimately going to offer consumers test rides on 'concept' bikes. Which makes sense when you consider that Harley went to mission for a powertrain and then used their own expertise in motorcycle design to create compelling packaging.

In comes Polaris now, with the purchase of Brammo and the Victory Charger patent filing, Polaris has made their intentions clear. We want a slice of this. Now what I find interesting though, is that last year Brammo in a pitch to investors showed this, look familiar?

Brammo already had ambitions to create an e-bike cruiser, how far along did that project get before Polaris' purchase? No matter, Polaris now has the means of production in the company fold, could that induce Harley to make a move on Mission?

Ostensibly Polaris has now moved up the time frame for a mainstream branded e-bike to hit the market, the question is, which one moves first? Or is a move impossible until battery technology evolves, in what a couple year, 5 years? Who knows...
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