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Taking delivery in 3 weeks now :) and the dealer is 4 hours away. I was thinking of riding between fast chargers but on one stretch I'd be trying for 170kms of highway (105 miles). Since I'm not exactly sleek and light... I doubt I'd make it.

Question: there is a longer way with closer-together chargers - but I'd be putting 3 fast charges into the battery in a row which I believe is not a good idea, right? Overnight home charging : fast charging in a 3:1 ratio is better, if I read this forum and other stuff online correctly? I'd rather be nice to the battery from the start as I hope it'll last me years.

Supplementary question: I can hire a motorcycle trailer. Has anyone trailered their LiveWire and if so would you be willing to share tips / pictures of where you tied it down? I'm guessing not the handlebars - was thinking soft loops around the front fork at the triple tree, and again around the rear wheel rim. Plus a wheel chock.

Thanks for any and all feedback / corrections.
The few times I've had my Sporty in my pickup I've tied down from handlebars with loops and from rear tire.

Riding the long way with more chargers is ok. You can do the fast charges and it will not hurt the RESS. You will keep the 3:1 ratio once you have the bike home and do your local riding and home charging. Watch this video at the 12 minute mark and it will tell you all you need to know about the battery. Be sure to get the PlugShare app for your phone. That will show all the chargers that are in or out of service on your route. Have fun and be safe.

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