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Alright let me put this out there, Harley-Davidson should consider a strategic partnership with Tesla to help them make the Livewire a production reality. Currently the bike is on tour to get customer feedback, but actual production is still uncertain.

See, Harley-Davidson needs to do something to attract younger customers as it watches its loyal customer base age. The Street was a first attempt at this and though it is selling well, it also has the potential to dilute the brand as it is more of a volume bike than a premium offering. The bike has to compete in a saturated segment against the likes of Honda. Honda has a distinct advantage because of economies of scale. Honda sells 10 million bikes per year, while Harley-Davidson sells 400,000.

Producing the Livewire to attract young buyers would be a better move. Yamaha has already hinted at creating an electric motorcycle, but right now the only brands competing in that market are smaller manufactures (Brammo, Mission, Zero). HD can take this opportunity to really get the electric motorcycle show on the road. Bring them to the mainstream. The problem is that the current Livewire just doesn't have the specs to be a segment leader. This is where Tesla comes in.

Tesla has expertise in electric power trains and that is exactly what HD needs help with. Tesla has also indicated a willingness to work with other brands as it has made a number of its patents public. A further benefit would be that HD would maintain its all-American brand since Tesla is also an American company. Such a partnership would allow HD to make the Livewire to attract young customers and push themselves to be a industry leader in electric motorcycles which seem destined to become a big thing in the near future.
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