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Welcome and congrats on the new bike. Great bike for Dallas. That is where I am currently riding the most.

No real info on how the indicated battery %'s correlate to actual SoC. Given the hot TX weather in the summer, I am playing it safe with charge levels on my all my EVs here. The LW doesn't have a ton of range to begin with so I plan to do what I can to minimize degradation. So basically I'll keep it as close to about 50% or lower as I can when not in use and charge up more if needed.

The power doesn't fall off noticeably even at lower SoC levels. The dense traffic on N. Central Expwy limits speeds a lot. On a full charge I am getting about 120-140 miles of range in the Metroplex. That is mostly due to traffic jams keeping my speed low but I do exercise the throttle alot.

Big issue here is how shitty the rear shock is. Let a friend ride my LW while I was on my Multistrada and switched back and forth a bit on the same roads and the Multi has a lot better suspension compliance. Riding on Inwood or Hillcrest the LW hits some sharp bumps so hard it feels like I am going to urinate blood. The Multi just soaks them up. Probably my biggest complaint about the bike other than the stupid slow L2 charging.

No issues with my belt so far. It hasn't been squeaky and no presence of oil/lube on it. From a warranty perspective, I have an issue with the display delaminating. I spent time adjust the front and rear shock as well as the headlight from how it was delivered. Very happy with the bike for 90% of the riding I do. Can't think of a better motorcycle to ride in a dense urban environment like Dallas.

What did you replace your Plaid with? The Rivian?
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