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HD is reported (in a 2022 news article) to have shipped about 1942 Livewires through 2021. (Edit: In a 2/6/2023 call with HD Customer Support, they told me that in total, HD produced 2291 XA Livewires.)

Livewire Group is reported to have sold 1058 Livewires in 2021 and 2022 (2022 Livewire Group annual report).

So there appears to be about 3000 Livewires at the end of 2022. Although not all of the ELWs may have been sold yet. (Edit: Based on the info provided by HD on 2/6/2023, the total number of XA+XB Livewires produced through 2022 would be about 3,349. This doesn't include any 2023 production.)
It turns out that Livewire reports HD's 2022 and 2021 International sales of ELWs, in the Livewire annual report. So if one subtracts off the ELWs reported as International Sales by Livewire (apparent duplicate reporting), the total number of Livewires at the end of 2022 drops down to about 2986.
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