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Electrify America is pretty solid and actively updating their network.
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EVGo is expensive, but clearly making investment as well.
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Many Chargepoint CCS chargers were knocked offline with the 3G sunset. It’s not a problem unique to Chargepoint. A lot of chargers were reliant upon 3G modems for connectivity. Chargepoint chargers are typically owned by the property which can make updates, etc less predictable.

The 3G sunset is a big factor. Older operators like Blink, etc are largely unusable as they have been very slow to roll-out updated hardware.

With that being said, newcomers like Volta are popping up everywhere. Huge investment in CCS/Level 3 charging is happening.

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I’ve been traveling an average of 1000-1500 miles per week in my Taycan 4S since March. There are scaling issues, but I have never been left walking. Plan, use Plugshare, monitor the Electrify America app, and you’ll be fine.

I am not saying that there isn’t room for improvement, but the big players are stepping up. EA recently replaced all of the chargers at our nearby mall with their next generation units. All 350kw and a new reliable design.

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With the massive investment going on for new CCS/Level 3 charging infrastructure, I don’t see Level 2 as a safe bet. We literally see new CCS charging pop up every month here in the northeast. No one is a making the same kind of push for Level 2. Skipping CCS charging on the Del Mar basically condemns it to a short trip plaything.

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