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I think it wasn't pricing but lack of commitment from HD. They needed to eat a bit more of the cost and push more out on long term loans. The short test rides impressed reviewers but they all whined about the range. HD didn't get that people had to live with it to understand it. There should have been 40 longer term loan bikes with the press and youtubers. 30 day demos. It was dumb to assume people would get it. They could have probably even have pulled that higher price off. They needed to really pressurize dealers to understand it was going to be a different group of buyers. HD mgt blew it. Remains to be seen if LW mgt can fix it. I am not confident of that yet. This was a huge opportunity and they are still kinda blowing it. They need to look at the new riders they want and understand what would make them excited about the platform. Instead some amazing people built a great bike for a company that has been trying to put itself out of business for 40 years.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts