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This may have been asked before so I apologize in advance.

Does anyone actually know the total number of Harley Davidson Livewire motorcycles were made before they ended things and it switched over to the Livewire One.

Just thought it might be interesting to know the actual number of bikes out there

Would also be interesting to know how many of each color were made

I would imagine that there were more black bikes, then orange, then yellow but that is just a guess

Anyone know the numbers


Bill Kemp

PS: Here is a rare 1980 Honda CBX 1050 that I acquired from an estate. Apparently they only made about 24,000 of these in the 4 years of production and they are getting harder and harder to find. Mine had 8,300 km on it when I bought it. I did a tune up on the 6 cylinder engine, fully disassembled the carbs for a rebuild, set all the 24 valves to spec, and carb synced the bike. It runs as smooth as silk and is a rocket ship for a bike from the 1980's.

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In regards to the initial price of the HD Livewire. I was late in the game in regards to the bikes. I did not hear of the Livewire during production and even at the launch of the bikes.

I own a number of Vintage Honda bikes.

1980 CM400A
1975 CB550K
1975 CB750K
1980 CBX 1050

When I was watching some videos about motorcycles I stumbled upon the Livewire in a video and loved it from that moment. However I heard about the price in Canada being $39,000 plus taxes etc and gasped. I put it out of my mind.

Then the following season I saw some on kijiji listed by some dealers. I contacted one and took a test drive and loved the bike.

Fast forward a few months later and my father in law needed to downsize his HUGE heavy Harley touring bike for a smaller (somewhat) fatboy. After he took delivery of it and my wife saw how I praised him on the purchase she made a comment to me on the drive home.

She said if you really like the Harley my dad bought why don't you get one for yourself. I replied that the ONLY Harley I would buy is the Livewire as I thought it was great.

So she told me to buy it then and the hunt was on.

I was kind of taken by the Orange Fuse colour but no one around me (Ontario) had one. I located one in BC at a dealership. It had 65 km on it. The original owner had many bikes and bought it brand new. He traded it in having ridden it only a few times.

So I bought it and had it shipped to the nearest HD dealership near me (Pfaff) and picked it up after they did a safety inspection on it.

Purchase price was $21,000. Canadian
Shipping $1000 from BC to Ontario
Safety inspection $130
Taxes to register the bike 13% on purchase price $2730

Total for the bike in Canadian $24,860

That is $20,000 less than the original asking price of $39,000 + 5,070 taxes = $44,070 Canadian

It came with the remaining 2 year warranty which expires in May so now I have to decide if I should get an extended warranty on the bike

I hope that helps out people for pricing a used bike.

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