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No doubt based on the lower pricing of the LW1 and DelMar Harley must've concluded that the disappointing sales were due at least in part to the initial pricing.
For sure! I think that turned off a lot of buyers. I know I was supper excited when I first heard about it and then watching Long Way Up just solidified it for me but when I saw the price of a new one I put it out of my mind it was cost prohibitive for me. I had to wait for a used one.

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In regards to the initial price of the HD Livewire. I was late in the game in regards to the bikes. I did not hear of the Livewire during production and even at the launch of the bikes.

I own a number of Vintage Honda bikes.

1980 CM400A
1975 CB550K
1975 CB750K
1980 CBX 1050

When I was watching some videos about motorcycles I stumbled upon the Livewire in a video and loved it from that moment. However I heard about the price in Canada being $39,000 plus taxes etc and gasped. I put it out of my mind.

Then the following season I saw some on kijiji listed by some dealers. I contacted one and took a test drive and loved the bike.

Fast forward a few months later and my father in law needed to downsize his HUGE heavy Harley touring bike for a smaller (somewhat) fatboy. After he took delivery of it and my wife saw how I praised him on the purchase she made a comment to me on the drive home.

She said if you really like the Harley my dad bought why don't you get one for yourself. I replied that the ONLY Harley I would buy is the Livewire as I thought it was great.

So she told me to buy it then and the hunt was on.

I was kind of taken by the Orange Fuse colour but no one around me (Ontario) had one. I located one in BC at a dealership. It had 65 km on it. The original owner had many bikes and bought it brand new. He traded it in having ridden it only a few times.

So I bought it and had it shipped to the nearest HD dealership near me (Pfaff) and picked it up after they did a safety inspection on it.

Purchase price was $21,000. Canadian
Shipping $1000 from BC to Ontario
Safety inspection $130
Taxes to register the bike 13% on purchase price $2730

Total for the bike in Canadian $24,860

That is $20,000 less than the original asking price of $39,000 + 5,070 taxes = $44,070 Canadian

It came with the remaining 2 year warranty which expires in May so now I have to decide if I should get an extended warranty on the bike

I hope that helps out people for pricing a used bike.

Similar story for me. I found one in Montreal on Kijiji at the Ducati dealer and bought it without actually taking one for a test drive.
PP $17,995
Shipping Montreal to NS $428
NS Safety Inspection $17
Taxes in NS 15%
Bought the 3 year extended warranty as well. $1600
Mine had 3400kms on it and came with about $2000 in extras, Low profile seat, grips, lever, passenger seat cover and a few other things.

Super happy with the purchase.
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