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How would you score Harley's entry into the electric motorcycle segment?

Scorecard so far
"Without knowing how the LiveWire did in the ultimate product test — getting folks to give up money and buy one — there is some scorecard feedback to register on Harley’s electric debut.

To start with the negative, the company really missed the mark on the $29,000 price. The messaging on the price and product placement has shifted a bit since I first started talking to HD about LiveWire. In July 2019, Harley execs gave the “premium product” jingle on how the $30K price was justifiable over comparable e-moto offerings, such as Zero’s SR/F, priced $10,000 less.

More recently a Harley-Davidson spokesperson (commenting on background) described the LiveWire as a halo product — more of an attention-getting model, and not priced for mass-market. Whatever actually went into the EV’s pricing, the consensus of just about everyone I’ve spoken to on the LiveWire is that it was priced too damn high.

On the thumbs-up side, Harley-Davidson did nail a lot of important factors on its electric debut. The company had a difficult task of creating something that bridged two worlds, at least in attributes and public response. The bike had to check out in features and performance as a legitimate e-motorcycle entrant. The LiveWire also had to pass the sniff test with Harley’s existing clientele — who are loyal to American-made chrome and steel cruisers and aren’t exactly the Tesla, EV crowd.

Price and unknown sales numbers aside, I’d say Harley-Davidson achieved both. I spent a day testing the 105 horsepower LiveWire on a track and pestering HD’s engineers on all the bike’s features, including range (95 to 146 miles) and charge time (60 minutes). Overall, I found it to be a solid package across performance, design and key specs. Most of the motorcycle press has agreed.

HD also succeeded in engineering an e-motorcycle in a Harley-Davidson way, including styling and creating a distinct, yet subtle, sound for its EV. I showed some LiveWire photos to my grandpa — a loyal loud-pipes Harley rider since the 50s — and he responded favorably, saying he’d love to try one out. So HD’s electric debut did arouse the right kind of response and enthusiasm with the right crowds, which is something to build on."

Those are just some points from a publication which in my opinion do well at highlighting the important ones. I'm curious to know what actual owners think since publications often get these bikes for a week at most and rarely get to dive deep, like an owner would.
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