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Insurance Cost

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New guy here. Wondering, before I call my insurance company, how does insurance on a LW compare with other bikes?
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In my case dropped a little compared to my CVO Road Glide.
Bearing in mind this is NZ, and so not necessarily comparable to where you are - I got a quote for NZ$1,130 per year from my usual insurer. (My 18-year-old Dyna and 16-year-old Vrod together cost NZ$420 per year).
Like Mac Mike, mine went down from that on my Harley trade-in. I pay about $250-$300/yr through H-D Insurance.
The HD NZ insurance through the dealer was 12% more than the broker quoted me above. So IMO HD insurance is competitive in the market here (where anything like this is always shockingly expensive; I can get a registration decal for a heavy cruiser in FL for ~22US$ but in NZ the registration decal costs the equivalent of 347US$).
I got better rates from Geico then HD or Statefarm for my LW.
I just chatted up my State Farm agency about my rates and because electric motorcycles don't have a "cc" they solve for it before setting it into the underwriting system.
The LiveWire underwrites as the equivalent to a 525 hp 6,300cc gasoline motorcycle. (according to my agency quoting the underwriting rules).

This was only slightly unreasonable for my Zero S and absurd for the LiveWire. Working to get some change in the works although the agcency is very uninfluencal of the underwriters..
Personally believe HD Insurance is the way to go. But I've never had to make a claim, so that part remains a mystery.
I pay $250/year, and I had an accident on my record within 3 years of underwriting.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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