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L2 to L3 success

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6kWh no problem. Likely world work at 10. Sean will post more details later and how to buy his if you like. Pretty cool.
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Power source was his level 2 Tesla charger. Took two tries but on second attempt started the up and showed the expected time for 6kW per hour. The is pretty sick. Can set it to charge to 80 percent and shut off. I think he wants a bit over 3k. I don't have the need but it is tempting. One down side is you still need a l2 charger. But I don't know what options they support. Can you go straight to 50amp circuits? Cable and device seemed well built.
What do you mean you still need a L2 charger? You mean the DC charger can't directly plug into a wall power socket? Surely you can probably need a new plug. Can you take a photo of the whole thing they supply you? Also where/what connector the power that go into the DC charger?
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