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L2 to L3 success

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6kWh no problem. Likely world work at 10. Sean will post more details later and how to buy his if you like. Pretty cool.
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Thank you so much for confirming this for us. I really appreciate it! Great bit of info. Looks like this is going tesla into J1772 adapter and then into the Setec. Pretty sweet.
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Did the unit weigh much? Guessing it's too big for a backpack?
Check out the thread on this forum titled Really considering putting in a DC fast charger at home I posted some details on the product there and we talked about it a lot. You can buy direct from them with a money transfer or pay with credit card through an online store like Alibaba. They seem very legit and are very helpful in answering questions, (Mila Cao is the sales manager). $2200 USD plus shipping is what they quoted me. Oh and Sean's tag on here is @R.I.P.
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That is exactly right. Because the power is completely adjustable, it will take any power you give it, up to 10 kilowatts, and convert that into DCFC. Perfect for campgrounds, and with the L2 conversion cable any place that already has L2 charging.
Any idea what kind of warranty if any comes with these? Has yours seen a lot of use? Were you asking $3000 for yours plus shipping?
Did you put the adapter on yourself? Could you have added a J1772 adapter to the wires instead of the 14-50?
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