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...there was a "LiveWire VIP event" @ Stolen Space in East London, on Friday 14th of October.

I got some time off work and went. The highlight of the evening for me was talking to for other owners who are just as passionate and enthused about the bike as I am, and we all more or less had the same things to say - fast, quiet, quick, great finish, very fast, nicely quiet, extremely quick - :)

There was also (going to be) a custom painted LiveWire on display, and a gift if you rode there on a LW.

Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but actually, the custom LiveWire was kind of strange. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the repeated motif is all that you see, and the motif laps over between different surfaces, from the fender to the tyres, on the tyres themselves, and otherwise between body parts and the frame, etc. So this is not a bike you can ride around with the custom logo. Maybe I'm missing something desirable about a custom bike which can't go out on the road, maybe that's a modern thing (sez the old guy).

Also, unfortunately, I was hoping there would be some factory representation there with info / details of why the ELW is different from the LW and why people should buy the ELW. I had a very close look as did we all at that LW, you could just see the ELW graphic underneath the custom artist's 'theme squiggle', and I'm sure there were some subtle differences there I missed - but frankly, nothing stood out.

I was kind of hoping Harley would make a bigger deal of the LiveWire at this event, than it did. Ah well.

Anyway some pictures of the bikes outside and the bike inside and other artwork on the walls.


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