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Level 1 charging speeds?

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How fast is the L1 supposed to be? I just watched a YouTube video about L1 charging and they say in NA the theoretical max is 1.8KW. In the HD app it's reporting:
Amps 4
Volts 255
So is that just 1KW? 4x255=1020.
If the ELW stock cable can pull 12 amps why is the app reporting just 4? I'm confused please help me understand this. Thanks.
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I find i get 7-8 percent when charging with the provided cable and 10 percent with a level 2 charging unit. rarely get more than 1.3 kw per hour.
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try to get a 0-100 time test with the L2 vs the provided cable. i’ve found it’s a couple hours faster.
i’ll do a full test some time this summer. i know i did 19-83% in about 6 hr 50 minutes this past weekend on L2 so a little better than 9% per hour. what i find is that a L2 holds the amperage steady at 4 and sometimes bumps up to 5 whereas the provided cable drops down to 3 amps especially as the voltage increases.
That seems similar to what i’ve experienced as stated before.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts