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Level 1 charging speeds?

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How fast is the L1 supposed to be? I just watched a YouTube video about L1 charging and they say in NA the theoretical max is 1.8KW. In the HD app it's reporting:
Amps 4
Volts 255
So is that just 1KW? 4x255=1020.
If the ELW stock cable can pull 12 amps why is the app reporting just 4? I'm confused please help me understand this. Thanks.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I charge at about 10-12% per hour as well so I suppose nothing to worry about there.

Last evening while I was riding around I popped over to the Ikea where they have free Chargepoint L2 chargers to see what kind of performance I would get from that. According to the Chargepoint device it was outputting 1.4kw to the bike. after 34 minutes I had gained 0.7886kWh.
I read in another thread where one of the guys here explained that the DC power pushed into the battery from the OBC can range from 200-300V. Is it safe to say that the Voltage number represented in the in App is that number?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts