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Lightning Motorcycles

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I hadn't heard of this company before but apparently they have the worlds fastest electric production motorcycle- the LS 218. They have recently teased a new model that's coming in March, which beats out the Livewire in nearly every metric. Harley may find the market being pulled out from under them.
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There have been electric bike concepts for years, but its just now that they are starting to grow in popularity/demand. It was a very niche audience that would be interested in an electric bike at +$25k.
Too bad Harley was the only one that let consumers on prototypes.
Wealthy areas should be the first to have a hack at it, China has been a large focus for most industries and should be for Harley's electric bike as well.
Competition sparks sales, so all these rivals for the Livewire aren't necessarily a bad thing. People may find with these cheaper models that they are looking for something more premium. They also don't have the legacy and credibility of a HD product.
I liken it to when manufactures got really serious about liter bikes and the recent big push to launch more adventure style bikes which have been dominating sales and stealing buyers from a rang of segments, from supersport classes to even entry-level classes.
Funny, I know someone that wanted a starter CB300 but moved to an Africa Twin. I expect similar adoption here.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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