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At the Toronto Motorcycle Show Harley had a few of their engineers from the Livewire project present to ask questions and interact with fans on a more technical level then say your average Marketeering Mary.

The first 3 minutes of the video is the one rep explaining the Livewire, but at the 3 minute mark you can hear my conversation with Yvon Carvalho, a Harley Engineer. We go from Brammo to battery life and back to the Livewire.

Harley built the Livewire with the expectation that battery technology will improve. He claims that battery tech was far enough along for Harley to put stickers on the bike and flush out the concept, but he says 2 years before production is possible, which he then redacts.

He passes off the Victory challenger as nothing but a Brammo, which IMO illustrates just how serious the Polaris challenger may be. Harley may have the buzz for creating a functional EV, but no one is going to care if Victory beats the Harley e-bike to market.

Here's Yvon with more on the Livewire:

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