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Livewire one seat by Corbin

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I emailed Corbin seats because I want a new seat bad. They said they need a loaner bike to build one. Any chance any of you live in central California and can let Corbin take your bike for a seat build?
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I thought about going with Corbin for my LW. I ultimately decided not too. One of the primary reasons was I won't spend as much time in the seat as I would on a normal bike so the benefit for me would be more cosmetic than anything else. This is where the range is a blessing.

Instead, I went with a faux air hawk inflatable seat pad and have been quite happy. Also my last few Corbins have been FAR heavier than the stock seat and all that weight up high does nothing for handling either.

They also seem to lower the seat a bit. The last thing I want on the LW is less legroom.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts