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Meh. It’s all cost-cutting.
On the Del Mar, the wires aren’t routed through the handlebar like they are in the LW1/ELW. The HD switch gear is proven and will last forever. Whatever they stuck on the Del Mar is cheaper and unproven — see the issues with the Zero switchgear.

The ELW was built as a flagship/halo bike to show the world what Harley-Davidson could do. At the $30k pricepoint, they still lost money on it. The LW1/ELW are bargains for what you get.

The Del Mar looks great. They’ll sell a ton of them. Livewire will make some nice margins. With that, it will feel like a $15k electric motorcycle.

As someone who already owns an ELW, I’m not terribly interested in the Del Mar. The new bike’s reduced range, reduced power, and the lack of DC fast charging will leave it as an urban plaything.
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