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So let it sit a couple weeks. Now the app crashes and Bluetooth fails to connect. Ugh. Well it was nice when it worked.
Had same issues.

My current solution:

Phone: Pixel 6 Pro (Android 13 OS)

1) Delete app
2) Remove Bike from phone's Bluetooth device list and phone from Bike's Bluetooth device list
3) Power off phone and bike
4) Restart phone
5) Download app but DO NOT OPEN
6) Go to system settings (App Info) for the app
7) Grant app all permissions
8) Turn off "Pause app activity if unused"
9) Now open up app and login
10) Download " LightBlue" from Play store
11) Turn on bike
12) Use said Bluetooth app just downloaded to connect to bike. (It may take a couple of times)

Unfortunate that such hacks have to be used. But working fine for now. Before I couldn't even get the Livewire app to open.

As for Bluetooth, I could never keep a connection. Only downside to using the Bluetooth app, is that I have to reconnect through the app every time I start the bike. Doesn't automatically sync up.

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wonder what the change was relative to the HDMC app, as I've not run into this challenge with mine, although I cannot use the LiveWire app, as it won't allow my SN.

* I will add the BT connection is a PITA... as it requires I have BT on, and then open the app and then start the bike (in that order.)
If I do it in any other order, it will either not connect or not until I'm already riding, which is pointless.

*pixel 6 Pro

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So the devs of the LW app, and the HD app, are incredibly responsive to tech issues and app issues. About a year or so ago, the pre-load calculations weren’t working at all on the HD app. I sent an email and within 24 hours I got a response, and I believe about 2 weeks later the bug was fixed. This might be something useful for them to know, as I’m sure they don’t get a lot of feedback on the app.
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