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Mirror Extension Kit for Livewire

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Has anyone purchased the Livewire mirror extension kit? Search | Harley-Davidson USA
I cannot see anything with the Livewire OEM mirrors? Do the extenders work?
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Ironically, Orlando has very few old people. It's the small beach communities. Here, it's college students, people from all over the world... Basically, it's a driving/riding nightmare. The "rules" of the road are grossly ignored. Cape Cod was old white people. Here, it's like a NASCAR race most days.
Sketchy. Was 42 and rainy on the way home. Tested the traction control early in the ride. Crept home the rest of the way.
I took a similar ride home a week ago. With the oils on the roads fresh in a heavy rain, corners felt slippery.
BUT, one huge reason I traded my 2018 Fat Bob in for a Livewire was I was riding to work daily in Savannah, GA, and the brick streets were always slippery in the mornings. I was constantly putting my foot down to catch what was a 700 pound bike. The Livewire never once required that. I think the traction control is pretty good.
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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