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Possible OBC failure

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I have a 2020 ELW that I fear may have a failed OBC. After my last ride for the season a few weeks ago, I parked my bike in my garage and was charging it up to meet the range specified for long term storage in the manual. Around approximately 46% I got a notification that my bike had stopped charging and the breaker had tripped for my garage. I reset the breaker, unplugged the bike but it will no longer charge. When I plug it in, the EVSE starts blue as normal but turns to red in moments. I’ve tried different outlets in my garage, clearing the fault codes, and checking the fuses to no avail. I haven’t yet called the dealer as I have a few months of winter to do that if need be but I’m trying to see if I can avoid a trip there if possible. Anything I’m missing Or possible solutions? I have attached the codes for my bike. The first is before I tried clearing the codes and the second is more recent.
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This afternoon, I cleared the codes again, plugged her into the same outlet I’ve been using and she began to charge with no issue. The only change from previous attempts was I let her sit a full week untouched and I brought the EVSE inside the house in that time frame. I’ll charge her up to around 65% and go from there. thanks for the help everyone.
odd behavior, but sometimes that's the joy of electronics. Glad you got it sorted!
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