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Possible OBC failure

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I have a 2020 ELW that I fear may have a failed OBC. After my last ride for the season a few weeks ago, I parked my bike in my garage and was charging it up to meet the range specified for long term storage in the manual. Around approximately 46% I got a notification that my bike had stopped charging and the breaker had tripped for my garage. I reset the breaker, unplugged the bike but it will no longer charge. When I plug it in, the EVSE starts blue as normal but turns to red in moments. I’ve tried different outlets in my garage, clearing the fault codes, and checking the fuses to no avail. I haven’t yet called the dealer as I have a few months of winter to do that if need be but I’m trying to see if I can avoid a trip there if possible. Anything I’m missing Or possible solutions? I have attached the codes for my bike. The first is before I tried clearing the codes and the second is more recent.
Fuel tank Motorcycle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle

Output device Television Vehicle Audio equipment Television set
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Here are the faults associated with your DTC’s. These are found in the:
“H-D Livewire Model 2020 H-D Electrical Diagnostic Manual” This manual gives testing procedures for the related faults, but most of, but not all testing requires specialized H-D equipment.
Not sure if you already have the code definitions or if this helps but it can’t hurt.

Hybrid/EV electronics coolant temperature sensor “A”- short circuit to battery

DTC P0D201C:
Battery charger output performance - circuit voltage out of range

DTC P1D3300:
12V power supply voltage fault

DTC P1D4400:
Loss of communication with PLC controller

DTC U04228F:
Invalid data from BCM

DTC P0D2716:
Possible Causes:
Tripped AC supply breaker or GFI
Faulty charge station or cable
Open AC filter circuit
Faulty OBC

DTC P1D3A00:
AC cable disconnected

DTC P2B2012:
Hybrid/EV electronics coolant temperature sensor “B”- circuit short to battery

DTC P2B2412:
I cannot find this DTC, all but one (P2B9C19) DTC’s starting with “P2B????” pertain to the coolant temperature sensor “B”.
DTC P2B9C19: Coolant pump “A” stuck/stalled. (Not one of your DTC’s)

DTC U04228F:
Invalid data from BCM | Lost communication

Please keep us updated on your quest for a solution.
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