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You know what would be perfect. Some sort of quick release setup that you could bolt to the seat like DaveVT did. So say you have the plate permanently bolted down like he did here, need your top box not problem it clips on, maybe you want to take a passenger and they need a backrest well pop off the top box and pop on a thick pillion pad and passenger backrest to the attached plate. Want to add hard bags well maybe they could quickly and easily just pop onto the side of the seat mounted plate as well. Prefer soft bags maybe some soft saddlebag supports could be slid on to keep the bags from flapping around. I feel like this wouldn't be that hard to design, maybe I will DIY something can't be that hard to do right :)
I think this is the right design. And option seat/mount system. Need to be careful to be robust enough for passenger and a top box. I think it would also be very easy to remove the base seat having seen the foam underneath. So replace the stock seat with a mounting block that can either be a comfortable seat with back brace, a medium sized top box or ad small aero cowl with storage. Let me know if you want pictures of the seat sans the crap stock padding.
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