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How does the real-world range on your Livewire compare to the original estimates?

This one tester got some good numbers:
"After those shenanigans, range testing came next. To test mixed range, Sean charted a 55-mile course from Landisville, Pennsylvania to Havre De Grace, Maryland. The route would require 110 miles (177 km) of range on a single charge — a healthy amount further than the LiveWire’s rated 95 mile (153 km) mixed city/highway range.

Sean started out on the highway and found it hard to resist those powerful launches that quickly eat away at the battery. After just a mile and a half he had consumed 3% of the battery. After more time playing around in Power mode, he then switched to Eco mode and ended up making it to Havre De Grace with 45 miles of range remaining — for a 55-mile return trip. On the way back, he created a custom power mode on the LiveWire’s display, setting power to 0%, Regenerative braking to 100%, and throttle to 0%. As it turns out, 0% throttle and power don’t mean the bike can’t operate, they just mean the bare minimum amount of throttle and power that the bike will allow you to program."

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