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Really considering putting in a DC fast charger at home

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The L1 charging rate is pathetic and understandable. Capping the L2 charging rate at pretty much the L1 rate is not. So at this point I've been really considering putting in the Setec 10kW fast charger for home.

Theoretically this would give me the ability to charge from 0-100% in about 90 min. Maybe a bit longer if the charge rate starts to taper when near full.

What I find happen with my usage is I go out for a spirited ride, come home, and my battery level is low enough it really inhibits my ability to use the bike until the next day unless I just want to putter about locally and keep the speeds low. So basically the bike becomes a one and done for me unless I seek out an L3 charger which I don't have near me and sitting around for 40-50 min the hot Texas sun, is not how I want to spend my day.

So I've been seriously looking into the Setec. It has the ability to dial back the max charge rate from 10kW down to almost nothing. So I can balance how quickly I need to charge with the additional wear of the battery pack. Regardless it will still be less stress than going to a normal L3 charger which from what I understand the LW can only take a max of 25kW charge rate anyway.

So basically I could add about 1% charge per minute at max input. Or basically about a mile for every minute of charge based on my overall riding energy usage. This is a game changer for how I could use the bike. At home all I would need to do is replace one of my Tesla charges with this Setec and use my CCS adapter to charge the smaller Tesla. It would charge faster than the mobile charger I am using so a win/win.

The price is $2790 shipped to my door with a 2 year warranty. Even that isn't as bad as it seems. The electric vehicle charging station credit is back in the IRA bill that just passed. So I can deduct 30%, up to $1k, off my taxes. That puts me at about $1953 net to do this. I won't have to do any rewiring of my existing install. I already have a 60 amp circuit in place.

So it seems like a good option to circumvent the lack of faster L2 charging without a lot of additional stress on the battery pack. I can dial it up or down as I need it. This should significantly expand the usability of my bike by reducing the charging window when needed. When I have time, I'll just dial the charge rate back to 2kW or so. When needed a quicker top off, just dial it up.
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OMG I finally heard back from the place in Calgary that sells the same thing and they want $4500 USD! That's banana's!
Yeah I'm really eager to find out if this works as well. Hey RIP can you tell us how much the unit weighs?
If it does work and people are using LW's to ride around a lot during the day this makes a ton of sense. Ideally closer to $2K but whatever. If you need it you need it. If it maintains 6+kWh per hour it would certainly be a big deal. If it could do 10 like my Griz-E L2 in my garage and maintain it you have 2 hour charging. Be curious to see how it works for sure.
Maybe a Uni-go trailer to haul it. Throw some camping gear in the trailer too and saddlebags or top box, then attempt a Cannonball using only FREE chargers and camping the entire way :) Super cheap vacation.

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They are pretty light and aerodynamic. Trailer loaded would not be more than a passenger. Not sure how much a passenger kills range but this should be better. I saw one brand that connects right through the rear axle of the bike on just seconds. I believe that one was the "Trail Tail" brand.
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Yeah not sure. Maybe when you order it you let them know what kind of plug you want on the end depending on your region and needs?
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